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Cerulean <(_((_CRAYON_((_()
writing on the wall
Writing in the Codex 
Community Guidelines
  • Introduce yourself by replying to this post. Current members drop in and look every once in a while to see who's new.
  • This is not a place to rant and cry about someone not accepting your work for whatever reason, so don't waste our time with it, okay?
  • To keep our community friendly to for other peoples' friends' pages, please use the cut tag for anything over a paragraph in length. If you don't know how to use the cut tag, please go here.
  • Please respond to other people's posts under the entry, do not start another entry even if you think your response will be too long. In case of critiques, please just post as many comments as needed to get it all in there.
  • If any piece you're posting touches on subject matter that most likely will offend people, please post a warning/disclaimer before the cut tag, so that those who would be offended will know not to read it. This is to hopefully avoid angry posting about "bad" subject matter, and hopefully keep people from reading stuff they shouldn't. Also please make such posts "friends only" so that they can only be viewed by community members. Such subject matter includes that which is sexual in nature, that which is excessively violent, or that which is highly political. Please give a rough idea of whatever it is that could possibly offend in the warning.
  • This community is not for advertising books or any other form of published material. No linking to other sites, journals and/or entries to get us to buy something. I will no longer warn before deleting something I see as an advertisement.
2010.09.16 1637.00 - Greetings
Greetings from this new member.
I will just fulfill the meaning of this community by posting a poem.

Just happy

I stole a rainbow from the sky and painted it on our kitchen door
the proof of the sun always shining should make you smile
your eyes got dark when you saw me
color-daubed and with a big grin
and you just say I should wash my face and come to eat
I plant a garden in winter
craving the moment when they would finally bloom
in all shades of reds, underlined with green and points of yellow and dark blue
a heady sea of sweet flavors
you tell me you don't like roses
I write a poem
filled with love
to assure you of its eternity and immortality
trying to correct every mistakes ever made with words
ending with yours forever
you read it and say it's nice
I would like to make you smile
with all I do I want to make you happy
with the rainbow, the garden and my love expressed in words
I want to know you're happy
want to make sure the silent tears
late night in our kitchen
aren't my fault
2010.09.13 1736.00 - Just one sentence...
Give me something to hold on too
Have you ever lost so much respect for someone you never want to see them ever again?
Everything shattered in one second?

Feelings unfolded
Wounds reopened
No confidence
Time stops

Ever felt betrayed?
Though you kept saying "yes?"

Your best friend betraying you?
Though in the end, it's your fault

Feeling angry...at yourself

Feeling so guilty
2010.09.13 1729.00 - Hello?
Can anybody REALLY save me?
I'm silently asking for helo

Can someone understand me?
People tell me I'm not alone
But i honestly am

Fake smiles
Broken heart
An inch of hope is what's saving me


Please someone really reach out to me
I don't want to cry anymore
I don't want to fade away

Waiting for death to find me
The happiest day I'll know is my funeral


Ever loved so much you can't ever get over them?
Bet you have
Trying to convince myself
First person to break my heart

Cut by someone for ignorance

God, please save me
2010.09.11 0238.00 - Everytime
Everytime you came by,
I loved you more,
Everytime you looked into my eyes,
I loved you more,
Everytime I gave a piece of myself to you,
I loved you more,
Everytime you insulted me,
I felt a little sore,
Everytime we fought,
you shut the door,
Everytime you weren't there,
I felt ignored,
Everytime you call me,
Everytime your with me,
Everytime you say you love me,
Doesn't matter anymore.
2010.09.07 1627.00 - Exposed



It’s comforting,

Things being the way you think they are.

Things being the way you always thought them to be.

Why take away the comfort?

To lead others to believe that which is not.

To find out that the world is different than you thought.

Why clothe the naked truth?

Embellish it with the ornaments of politeness,

The scarves of deceit.

Bundle it up with the sweater of false comfort.

To meet the fork in the road and take the path to the left,

Met with the lush green hills, the sun shining through the trees,

The cloudless blue sky, the leaves blowing in the breeze.

Only to realize that you should have taken the right,

The path of unfamiliarity, dark and daunting.

Where are the lush green hills, the sun shining through the trees?

The cloudless blue sky, the leaves blowing in the breeze?
The sweater of false comfort.

To lead others to believe that which is not.

To find out the world is different than you thought.

Why clothe the naked truth?


Here, In the Silence Of a Midsummer's Night, I Doubt Again

Hear silently and pensively with my
nose to the window-I smell the impending death
of summer's sweet living breath- locusts
out to sing like sweet katydids... and yet bring
insatiable hunger for destruction in their stead
Where the dew was moist and sprung
out of the night chill- in the night the living leaves
will turn to burial shroud orange.  Soon
Oh lord, soon.  Deliver me!  In this glorious
sunset the river winds away, (or towards? In
the end of day, it appears to flow away...) which
way is which way?  A two sided, terrified woman
without a face.  And which way does she come?
To you?  or away?  In the mountains, blue
and moist in late evening, the glow of heaven
enough to silence me.  I want to go, oh soon,
lord soon. Deliver me! Oh how ungrateful,
in the dying of this world I see no glory, only
insatiable hunger for destruction in my stead.
Here, silently and pensively, forever still I wait
sickeningly dreading the passing of living into death
in her day of existence due to evil mislead belief
Persephone ascended, quelled this season for me.
Only in this deliverance I can not justify impending
pounding, drumming silence in the air, can not believe
that I see death in every sweet dewy breathe, no
ending.  How hard to believe?  SOON! OH SOON!
oh my sweet lord, deliver me.
2010.08.21 1912.00 - MOD POST <3

Good evening, lovely people! I am surprised and excited about this sudden flurry of posting in the community! I just took a little bit to update the community style to one that didn't mess with the formatting on the poetry that had been posted lately, and I started tagging everything. The community guidelines are now posted on the front page of the community as well as the profile page to make it a little easier to find.

If I have anyone interested, I will see what I can do about offering up writing prompts again, now that we have people around once more. It seems like mostly poetry at the moment, so I can lean that direction with the writing prompts, but I'll see what can be done to accommodate various writing styles.

Please leave any suggestions, requests or other feedback on this entry. I know we don't have many tagging options at the moment, but I'll be happy to add new tags as needed.

Thank you, everyone, for showing up and sharing your words with us. I look forward to future posts!

2010.07.10 1921.00 - Creative side
Its hard for me to breath
my heart is slowly fading away
and my head hurts

the room is spinning
and all I got is nothing,
but writer's block

Am I going mad or
am I just lost?
....Lost for words?

Has my love life blinded
me from my creative side
or did I lose it

2010.07.20 1124.00 - Sleeper

Soon chaos will sleep

and peace will be known

arise and embrace life's face

now that torment has been laid to rest

Souls cast into shadow...no longer

slowly feel the past fade

and drift farther away

a new day dawns

a new mind to behold

all that is old has wasted away


2010.07.20 1120.00 - Contemplative
I can not look at life from a religious point of view it's just not logical.I do believe that you can liberate your mind from the constraints of belief.You can begin to view life in a broader sense.A self enlightenment if you will.Century old spiritualist traditions should have no hold in an individual's life.The individual should be of free intellect,become of wisdom,and find one's own truths.
Knowledge is misunderstood a great deal by this society.Ignorance knows not the power that wisdom holds.As Confucius stated,"Ignorance is the night of the mind,a night without moon or stars."So sorry if I beg to differ on the ever so commonly quoted "Ignorance is Bliss". Ignorance is not bliss,Ignorance is darkness.True power and ascendence is achieved through Knowledge.
Knowledge gained through experience.

2010.07.20 1119.00 - Thinking philosophically

The problem of self.
Is it possible to know our true self?
Can we see our true self?
What happens if a person creates a seperate self?
and when I say seperate self I am meaning to talk about a split identity.
Is creating a seperate self the same as a split identity?
What makes us feel unreal?
Is it  a loss of touch with self?
How bdo you fall out of touch with self?
Is it even possible to be disconnected from self?

2004.06.04 1333.00(no subject)
this will be my first post in this group. i am excited to get some feedback on this beginning of a story.
Read more...Collapse )
2003.05.04 1005.00 - sharing a poem
70s Dolly
Broken Hearts Cry
By: Dustin Brookshire

for kala

It is ok to cry.
Fine to say
should I live
or should I die
because all the
above is human.

It is ok for you
to want him back,
but watch your heart
and what it says do.
This I warn, but still
to yourself remain true.

I tell you to cry.
I say let your
emotions roar
for you have the right
and your soul that
loves is now sore.

Silence of the issue
will not work. Allow
me and my hands
will be your tissue.
I will wipe your
tears away, and if
I could, I would
do the same
with this pain.

Let the rage flow.
Let the pain out.
The whole time
you'll never once
be alone for
I'll always
be at your side.

2003.04.24 2005.00(no subject)
This was the result of an idea I got from Neil Gaiman's website. The excercise? Write one story using only action to describe what's happening. Then write another story, using only dialogue. The two stories don't have to be the same thing, it's just what I came up with.

1st story, no dialogueCollapse )

2nd story, no actionCollapse )

I appreciate constructive criticism!
2003.04.08 1155.00 - sharing a poem
70s Dolly
The Look
By: Dustin Brookshire

She wore a skirt that
barely covered her thighs
and her black boots
stopped at her knees.
She was dressed,
dressed to please,
but not that way,
she knows what
she needs.

She wore boots that
stopped at her knees,
her skirt was short
and scarcely there,
she was dressed to show,
and of course this
attractive girl did know
she has the look.

Many glances from men she took,
how many girls of envy did look,
for she wore boots that stopped at her knees--
her skirt barely covered her thighs, she
was dressed, dressed to please.
It is obvious this girl knows
that she doesn't walk, she flows,
she's got the look.

written: 04-08-03
2003.03.19 2036.00(no subject)
saw sky and remembered, little soul big world, cow, eat sleep and eat
The following is out of game characterization for a champions gaming group I'm with. Game related character details can be found here and here. I'd appriciate feedback on the story in progress! Thanks!

cut to save friends' page spaceCollapse )
I strode down the bare road, kicking stones and wisps of dust in my wake, crimson cloak aflutter, long pale hair flailing in time, blue eyes chilled by wind that cut through the ancient bronze of my family armour.
My ears filled with the buzz of gears and servos, hiss of pistons, and the heavy crashing of iron feet. Towering at my left, the war golem bodyguard I had been gifted with upon graduation from the officer corps. An unholy steam locomotive made in man's barbarised image. An axe the size of a man gripped in the right claw. "Hand" is a far too human a description for three clutching mechanisms in crude mimicry of fingers and thumb. Yet this is what I had named him.
My own hunched, fleshless monster. A bloody extension of my own callous hand, painted crimson, like my uniform cloak. But like my own hand, he had not seen real battle.
The pitted sword that pulled heavy in it's scabbard upon my back had spilt blood, split skulls, smashed bones, rended flesh, thrust through gullets and hacked off limbs. Another heirloom of my grandfather to be held tight in one hand or both. A bastard for a bastard. How fitting.
2003.03.17 0221.00 - poem by: Dustin Brookshire
70s Dolly
Helen Speaks

Do you think I
asked for beauty
that mortal men
can't resist?
Do you think I
asked for charm
that stirs envy
within the
mighty Aphrodite
and jealousy in
Hera and Athena?
Do you?
Do you think I
purposely captured
the hearts of
two men?
Do you think
I am flattered
to have been
the cause of
a devastating war?
Do you?

I asked for it all
as much as I
asked to be born.

written: 03-05-03
70s Dolly
A Word: Death

"Look, you con man, make a living out of your death."
~Ernest Hemingway- A Moveable Feast

Death is not the end
nor is death the beginning.
The five letter word
is overrated if you ask me.
People shudder when it is said;
some close themselves down completely.
Me, well, I go about my business
as I always have before; I see
no reason to change for a word.
And that's what death is to me;
it is only a word.
I'll let it roll off my tongue, "Death."
Once more, "Death."
I own the word for
early in life I purchased
it from my fears;
death calls me master.
Eventually it will fetch my slippers.

written: 03/16/03
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