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Cerulean <(_((_CRAYON_((_()
writing on the wall
On remembering certain song 
2011.02.03 1357.00
Sun still shines, the birds still fly,
Flowers bloom in autumn gloom,
We still love and laugh and sing,
Knowing that all will die.

Next day again we wake up in pain
And hope to live a better life.
Stars struggle to shine , they weep , they die,
And we watch the world just blowing by.

In cold evenings when lights are dim,
Owls sing the sun's funeral song,
Darkness and fear come hand in hand
Then go their separate ways.

Old songs float in the cold air ,
Photographs fade in old albums,
We leave behind whatever we can,
But nothing remains.

Ink on the pages of diary becomes faint,
Books once loved are lost,
Artists and all their beloved arts
Are lost amidst popular entertainers.

Songs die, beauty fades,
Leaves turn red and fall,
Happiness ages, Pleasure sighs,
And no one answers the call.

People die, music dies,
Songs of yesterday are made false today,
The wind is still blowing, the magic dies,
"But where's the answer?", we say!
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