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Cerulean <(_((_CRAYON_((_()
writing on the wall
2011.01.16 2010.00

im a new member so i'll follow in suit as well =D hope you all like it...leave your feedback!!!
Wrote this poem in memory of my mother's death. still miss her very much!


Does it fade and dissapear

as if your heart will break once again

returning only when you fear

or when your body fills with adrenaline.

Death is in the air

it is a part of life

we wish we didn't share

but everyone goes through strife.

As leaves fall from the branches of the tree we call hope

i cant help but wonder what happens to it all

do we all struggle to cope

or should we just let the leaves fall.

2011.01.21 0633.57 (UTC)
I love this very much. It somehow matches my mood right now, though I haven't experienced loss of that scale before.

My consolations regarding your mother's passing. You write beautifully, and I'm sure she was very proud of you.
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