Somehow, I have to let go

guys, I'm an amateur writer here.. and Im really hoping for your suggestions and comments :D THANK YOU 

Strangers remain strangers,
unless they fall for each other.
Lovers remain lovers,
unless they decided to fall for another.

Hearts may be in pain,
sometimes be drowned in vain;
It can be hopeless and give up,
but in the end, it must let go...

Lovers fight for happiness,
trying to win the love for an affair
They may win, or sometimes loose
But they still need to somehow let go...

Letting go is always goodbye.
It is ceasing all the love and pain inside.
but letting go is also the begginning
of a new story to a new journey...

And so, I am now here
feeling the pain,swallowing fear.
If this is what it needs for you to be happy,
Then Im letting go, and setting you free.

I'm waving my hand, saying goodbye
wiping these tears, saying I'll be alright.
The fights are over,the waits ended.
Its painful, but somehow, I have to let you go...

please criticize :) 
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Sunny Days Have Arrived

I'm truly graceful that those cold, dim days dotted with grey clouds have finally been replaced by the warm spring sunshine.Although the season change is not at all obvious here where I live, I still can't help expecting the approach of spring, so that I may go picnic somewhere.

Last year is kinda miserable, and things just happen in the way I fail to control. Feeling like being dumped in a storm many times in desperately frustration, I struggled to get out, or at times, convinced myself to give up. Doubts haunted me on and on, I was tired of explanation, I wanna escape from all that I know and grown up with, into somewhere totally unseen before so that I could at least turned a new leaf. Or maybe I didn't wanna dump it all, I just wanna keep to myself for a while. I'm not the type of being -unhappy-I'd-shout-it-out-to-everybody person, and most of the time, I would rather keep everything to myself cos I'm scared of sharing, which feels like being invaded by outsiders whom I extremely resist. I just hate telling people what I'm going on, the reason lies in that I assume my life pieces entirely belong to myself and I won't let them out to anyone except family and close friends. BTW,I have very few friends, only 2 or 3. And in my catalogues , people around me can only be classified into strictly two types:Strangers or Friends. Most fall into the first kind, whom I care nothing about, have no interests about and refuse to share with. In my opinion, I think it's silly to mess around with too many people, which would definitely eat up my own time and space. I have my stuffs to write, my music to listen to, my paintings to draw, and many many things to occupy myself , what the heck should I care about those I only get informed of merely their names and faces, those in my class or work in the same students' associations? I have no idea why some people, or most people like to grab a company or what, to hang out with or chat nonsense with. To me, I can barely tolerate meeting those Strangers in person and talk or shake hands with them. Intimacy with others has a price to pay--your time and private space and energy have to be devoted to many of them. Of course, I would devote it all to my family and friends, but not those Strangers. I don't wanna be bothered.

I'm told that I'm too much self-indulged, so what, not everyone needs to be sociable or sweet. As long as avoid being selfish, I'm alright. Don't ask me for explanation, and stop asking me why. I'm tired. Why there are some many people wasting their time being curious about others' lives?? I care nothing about you, so please do the same to me , and leave me alone!!!

I love travelling alone, I love reading alone. I'm not a dustbin for your endless complains and cries. Ain't anybody get hurt? Why should I care? If I get hurt, I'd digest it myself, which a quiet cry would help, and that's the thing, topic closed.

Something about me Recently

I've been trying to hand my hands on some new pieces recently, but fail instantly cos I just can't figure out any melody or words to fit into. Meanwhile, since the examination is coming, I, once again, have to throw myself in the library from morning to night. The weather is still kinda chilly, but I find it no difficulty to get up early , 7:30 in the morning, and go downstairs to have my breakfast. My list is always steaming bum, steaming sweet potato, milk or cereal. These are healthy food which provide me with satisfaction and energy to start a day. I walk to library most of the time, which takes me about 20 mins. When I get there, I have to spend no less than half an hour searching for books. I can't borrow books now cos my borrowing card has been banned due to my delay in returning books on time, and the librarian seemed a bit annoyed at this.
It's enjoyable to "residue" in library all day long and do some reading, although some of them are rather boring actually. I re-read poems of Ginsberg , which really turns me on, Howl is definitely a masterpiece. Also, I read books like History of Literature of China in 20th Century, Process and Psychological transformation of Civilization, novels on J.D Salinger, Reviews on Greek theater, something like that.
When I get tired , I just pack my stuffs and go back to dorm, where I can play my guitar , write some songs if lucky enough. Okay, here I post my new work, it's a pity that I cant record my singing and load it up here cos I have no instruments in hand .
The song is named "She", a story of "I" meeting a heart-broken girl at bar.

She stood by the window
Looking like a skinny model
So fragile like wind in willow
Will she cry at night on her pillow

Her half-dried tears ruining her make-up
Indicating a last-night break up
Maybe she really needed a hug
Instead of a glass of coconut

She came over and said "Hey, you know what,
I met the worst jerk in the world
Why life is so cruel and hurt
I just wanna dump it in the dirt"


Some sad, some gone
There's no reason why pain is long
Don't tell me to be strong
You don't even know what is wrong

Some fade, some born
There's no reason why pain is long
Don't tell me to sing a song
You don't even know what is wrong

I met her at a shabby bar
Where you can't use your credit card
She held her glass and crying hard
When the music came to start

She didn't go on her story
Saying that she didn't wanna be sorry
Dancing with me could drive out lonely
She'd fall in love with me maybe

Then we just went to dance
But we didn't make love in the end
Cos she went away with the band
Which was playing on the stage


Some sad, some gone
There's no reason why pain is long
Don't tell me to be strong
You don't even know what is wrong

Some fade, some born
There's no reason why pain is long
Don't tell me to sing a song
You don't even know what is wrong


Nude Model

You look like a nude model
Skinny and Fragile , bones on your back
Smile weakly and window gaze
Outside the traffic is jammed
Cars hustling by, confused am I

Something in you is about a sad story
You keep on smoking and blowing circle
Party on last night, left-over make-up on your eyes
Devil speaks in the dark
You try to be the one who are trapped

Maybe you and I
We have to be nude models of life
Acting and smiling and pretending
For those who come to watch
Any entertainment is needed
We have to make them laugh

Still remember raining on our street
We had a sweet time and you were innocent
Naive were we, we thought things lasted for good
Just like that
Be like that

( About Meeting a friend)

Sleeping Pills

ey, I need some sleeping pills
The world is much too loud
Everybody talks and shouts
They said to me
"Keep fighting or you get killed"
"Stop trusting or you get hurt‘

Hey I need some sleeping pills
The doctor with white coat
Can't see his face
Only a flashing glasses without eyeballs
Please, give me some I need rest
He care nothing, going on pumping blood
From the beating heart on desk

Hey I need some sleeping pills
The monster is waiting at my door
Be it a dream or not
Sleeping pills take me away
Like the little wooden boat on lake
Can anybody help?

I need those pills
To take me back home
Been leaving for so long
Too long to remember what I'm like
It's cold here, as well as those people
I want hug, but no
I may as well take some pills

I keep walking , keep my head down
I don't want to see a face
I want to sit somewhere in the public park
But too many lovers there making love
So noisy that I can't concentrate
Too scared to disturb , feeling like a total stranger

Where's the end ?
Where's my life?
If all means an end, why
Ending is so painful?

Stumbling Stilettos

$320 is what I gave you
That I can guarantee was used for booze
Shaken n' Stired I awoke
Just like the countless martinies
You poured down your throat.
2:56am the sound of your piss,
Through an open door
Minus the trickle of water,
Too break its fall.

It falls to the floor.

Boom, crash and you're down for the count
Eyes shut tight
And mouth opened wide.
Your head ever so slightly,
Cocked to the side,
That'd you'd just throw up and die
But you didn't,
You just cried,
For a good portion,
Of the night
"Oh God, Oh Gooood..., Oh God."

I can tell Mr. Walker has had his way
By shutting your mouth and keeping your voice at bay.

How fucked up can you be mentally
To get behind the wheel of your truck
And drive home blatently drunk?

Obviously the amount of ice outside
Didn't suffice,
To pull you off the road
And tragically,
End your life.
Well maybe next time...
There's always next time...
The Tipsy Cat
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On remembering certain song

Sun still shines, the birds still fly,
Flowers bloom in autumn gloom,
We still love and laugh and sing,
Knowing that all will die.

Next day again we wake up in pain
And hope to live a better life.
Stars struggle to shine , they weep , they die,
And we watch the world just blowing by.

In cold evenings when lights are dim,
Owls sing the sun's funeral song,
Darkness and fear come hand in hand
Then go their separate ways.

Old songs float in the cold air ,
Photographs fade in old albums,
We leave behind whatever we can,
But nothing remains.

Ink on the pages of diary becomes faint,
Books once loved are lost,
Artists and all their beloved arts
Are lost amidst popular entertainers.

Songs die, beauty fades,
Leaves turn red and fall,
Happiness ages, Pleasure sighs,
And no one answers the call.

People die, music dies,
Songs of yesterday are made false today,
The wind is still blowing, the magic dies,
"But where's the answer?", we say!
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 Once, when the clouds came out in droves and the sun shines at its brightest, a boy sits at an empty desk in a room with a small window. He ignores the girl who smiles. The thing on the wall that goes tick-tock, a simple white clock of no significance is

“Deafening.” The boy says; his gaze still locked on the horizon somewhere away from that small window.

The girl follows his gaze, finds nothing but pretty picture-perfect scenery. She feels like painting. “The birds chirping? Or the wind?”

“The clock.”

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im a new member so i'll follow in suit as well =D hope you all like it...leave your feedback!!!
Wrote this poem in memory of my mother's death. still miss her very much!


Does it fade and dissapear

as if your heart will break once again

returning only when you fear

or when your body fills with adrenaline.

Death is in the air

it is a part of life

we wish we didn't share

but everyone goes through strife.

As leaves fall from the branches of the tree we call hope

i cant help but wonder what happens to it all

do we all struggle to cope

or should we just let the leaves fall.

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