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Free Writing Community
This is a writing community, a place for those who have a way with words, or those who wish to learn to work with them. This is to be a non-hostile environment, keep criticism constructive and don't take it personally if someone says something about anything you write. There will be writing exercises, and an open invitation for all members to share anything they've written with the rest of the community. Please also be willing to give feedback on what others post in the community, this won't work if everyone comes for help but no one's willing to give it.

Please also follow these guidelines when posting in this community.

  • Introduce yourself by replying to this post. Current members drop in and look every once in a while to see who's new.

  • This is not a place to rant and cry about someone not accepting your work for whatever reason, so don't waste our time with it, okay?

  • To keep our community friendly to for other peoples' friends' pages, please use the cut tag for anything over a paragraph in length. If you don't know how to use the cut tag, please go here.

  • Please respond to other people's posts under the entry, do not start another entry even if you think your response will be too long. In case of critiques, please just post as many comments as needed to get it all in there.

  • If any piece you're posting touches on subject matter that most likely will offend people, please post a warning/disclaimer before the cut tag, so that those who would be offended will know not to read it. This is to hopefully avoid angry posting about "bad" subject matter, and hopefully keep people from reading stuff they shouldn't. Also please make such posts "friends only" so that they can only be viewed by community members. Such subject matter includes that which is sexual in nature, that which is excessively violent, or that which is highly political. Please give a rough idea of whatever it is that could possibly offend in the warning.

  • This community is not for advertising books or any other form of published material. No linking to other sites, journals and/or entries to get us to buy something. I will no longer warn before deleting something I see as an advertisement.

Be aware that I will delete all off topic posts without warning, if one is found to be a repeat offender there will be a warning, then removal from the community. This community is monitored and created by diziara