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Cerulean <(_((_CRAYON_((_()
writing on the wall
Stumbling Stilettos 
2011.02.05 1914.00
$320 is what I gave you
That I can guarantee was used for booze
Shaken n' Stired I awoke
Just like the countless martinies
You poured down your throat.
2:56am the sound of your piss,
Through an open door
Minus the trickle of water,
Too break its fall.

It falls to the floor.

Boom, crash and you're down for the count
Eyes shut tight
And mouth opened wide.
Your head ever so slightly,
Cocked to the side,
That'd you'd just throw up and die
But you didn't,
You just cried,
For a good portion,
Of the night
"Oh God, Oh Gooood..., Oh God."

I can tell Mr. Walker has had his way
By shutting your mouth and keeping your voice at bay.

How fucked up can you be mentally
To get behind the wheel of your truck
And drive home blatently drunk?

Obviously the amount of ice outside
Didn't suffice,
To pull you off the road
And tragically,
End your life.
Well maybe next time...
There's always next time...
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